President of the World Water Council

Water everywhere and for everyone

Water is the most precious and essential element in nature, and yet the most fragile. Our planet is full of water, and yet many of its inhabitants are thirsty. This is especially true in Africa. A continent rich in resources and especially rich in skills, passion and energy of the children, women and men who live there, but who are suffering from water scarcity.

Water surrounds us, water stimulates us, water brings us together. Despite our constant efforts, the demand for water is growing faster than the supply. It is time to be responsible and act to ensure water for today and for tomorrow. It is the responsibility of each of us to ensure water for equitable development, to satisfy the essential needs of billions of children, women and men for whom we have to guarantee food, health, education and energy so that they can finally pull themselves out of poverty and live with dignity.

In the last decades, water and sanitation have gained higher attention in the international political agenda. The World Water Council, notably through the organisation of the World Water Forums, has strongly contributed to situating water as a global political priority. It is now time to translate our words into tangible and concrete responses.

This is the challenge to which Senegal and the World Water Council will rise by organising the 9th World Water Forum in 2021, for the first time in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The raison d'être of the World Water Forum is to bring together key political actors, business leaders, NGO, donors and international organizations, gathering experiences and know-how to further contribute and facilitate access to water and sanitation.

It is an honour to associate our World Water Council with the skills of Africa, Senegal and Dakar to enable billions of children, women and men to access a resource essential to life.

Join us in this endeavour to increase the quality of life of people worldwide. This is our responsibility. The responsibility to secure water everywhere and for everyone