Co-President of the International steering committee

Water : A challenge for peace and development

Nearly 25 years after the first World Water Forum organized in Morocco, it is important that the 9th World Water Forum takes place in sub-Saharan Africa in the context of Agenda 2030 and the challenges raised by the Sustainable Development Goals. Water plays a major role in development, food security, health, and education. Water-related tensions can only increase with the acceleration of demographic growth, rampant urbanization, and climate change that threatens zones that are already lacking water.

At present, water security is a key issue for the future of the African continent, an issue for peace and for development. It is also a major issue for the whole world. After identifying the issues and then the solutions, the time has come to concentrate on concrete responses to water management challenges. It is our collective responsibility to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

The 9th World Water Forum organized in Senegal will be inclusive and integrated. Connected to major international water events, it will encourage dialogues between regions and among stakeholders to share experiences. The World Water Forum is a unique opportunity to mobilize all stakeholders in order to reach the targets linked to the water-related SDGs.

We invite you to participate in Dakar in March 2021, but also starting now by contributing to the preparatory process to build the Forum of Responses. Let’s move forward together on the path for water, for peace and for development, which reconciles the needs of humankind with those of nature.