Serigne Mbaye THIAM

Minister of Water and Sanitation

Roadmap for transformative action

A world that is more aware of water issues is on the move. A certain culture of water citizenship is expected to develop to lay the foundations for sustainable development. Communities and decision-makers at all levels of State, civil society organizations and the private sector, understand that the world is safer with the possibility of having access to water and sanitation services than in a situation of deprivation. This awareness is materialized by international commitments in the field of water. It is now up to all stakeholders to be the guarantors of a culture of preserving and sharing water. The time to organize the 9th World Water Forum has come!

This is the mission assigned to the Ministry of Water and Sanitation in the management of the "Dakar 2021" agenda. The 9th World Water Forum, the first of its kind in subSaharan Africa, is a big challenge. The hosting of this event reflects Senegal's commitment to participate in the development of a roadmap for the water and sanitation sector. Our country expressed the wish to host the World Water Forum on the basis of a choice by the President of the Republic and a desire expressed by Africa. His Excellency Mr. Macky Sall has the merit of being attentive to the national and African community in its relationship with the rest of the world on such a central issue as water.

The 9th Forum program focuses on the 2030 Agenda for transformative action. This vision is a roadmap with four priorities: water and sanitation security, cooperation, water for rural development and means and tools. To these issues of great importance, it is urgent to provide sustainable responses, not forgetting financing, governance, knowledge and innovation management. Through cooperation, the world has the means to change in the direction of universal and equitable access to water and sanitation. Senegal will make every effort to ensure that "Dakar 2021" is a fundamental milestone in our collective journey. This new common adventure is called sustainable and equitable development for our global community

Serigne Mbaye THIAM